نمی دونم سفیدم با خطای سیاه یا سیاهم با خطای سفید. نمی دونم بدم گاهی وقت ها خوب، یا خوبم گاهی وقتا بد.

Born on March 12, 1994


His whereabouts is shrouded in mystery...

Isfahanian guy, studies mechanical engineering, fired from Sharif University once but came back after a semester. Suffers from a kind of brain disease that makes studying very hard for him (The reason why he was fired from SUT). He has a very high self confidence that brought him really great opportunities in life. He has won khawrazmi award for his helps in developing Noor GIS system and registered in university w/ help of his khawrazmi award, not Konkoor. However as far as we know his name was not listed in any of khawrazmi award winners list.

He has a very strong interest in IT subjects such as Augmented Reality, LaTeX, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. He codes in C++ and python. He has built his own customized LFS operating system, Mech OS -Mechanical Engineering optimized OS-. Afterall he got a 16 (out of 20) in CS101 (Fundamentals of Programming with C). No one in University have ever seen Mech OS.

Currently he is continuing his studies at another university (?)

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